My primary interest over the last three or four years has been Formula SAE.  From my first year in '98 to what will be my last in '02, I have unbelievably gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, experience, and maturity.  No where else in college could anyone have the opportunities and possibilities to grow. 

     I am going to list FSAE twice here since it has captured my interest more than anything else, and has in return, given me more than anything else could.  For the last two years, I have been the Team Leader of the Auburn University Formula SAE Team, and now in my last year, I am going to be the first Student Advisor for the team. 

     Cars and power have been in my blood since I was sixteen and had my first car, an '89 Camaro RS.  I now have an '89 IROC-Z28 that I have spent close to a year completely rebuilding and restoring.  Please check out my Camaro page and see what a year's worth of madness will do to a car.