This is a picture of me after I won the 24hrs. of LeMans last year.   Well, actually it is a picture of me with the car that won LeMans, but I wanted to make sure you weren't getting bored.  The Oreca Vipers are extremely impressive!  What was even more impressive is that they dropped this one off and didn't disable the ignition!  If it weren't for the sign on the engine that said no oil, water, or fuel, they may not have gotten it back in the same condition.

     I have been programming my own Haltech Engine Control Unit as well as helping with the Auburn Formula Team's Electromotive ECU.  The FSAE Team already had a good running program, so it was easier to pick up were previous teams had left off.  However, I didn't know what I was getting into when I started programming from scratch trying to get my own engine running.  No book can take the place of experience when it comes to engine calibration and tuning!

     For my Senior Design Project, I led a team of student engineers to design and build a data acquisition and telemetry system.  The project involved taking in sixteen data channels from sensors on a race car and converting them into a transmittable packet.  These packets were then received by a remote laptop where the sensor data could be observed in real time or recorded and compared.  The team was split into four groups, one to design the vehicle interface components, one to design the data acquisition box, one to design the wireless modems, and one to write the software to display and record the data.

     Even though I am going to school for Electrical Engineering, I think that you can never learn enough about what the people you work with actually do.  As Team Leader of the Formula Team, I had to learn Pro/Engineer and Pro/Mechanica to both understand and give feedback to my Mechanical Engineering team members.  Pro/E is a very powerful software package for designing and analyzing vehicle components.  Even though I don't know some of the fine details of material properties, I know what they're talking about and how to relate my thoughts to them.

     Did I mention I was a vehicle technician for nearly two years?  To help offset the expense of college and get some real car experience, I worked for Bill Heard Chevrolet as a mechanic.  Now I know why mechanics cuss so much.  Half the time I worked on a car, I wondered who the guy was who designed the water pump to be in such a place that you nearly had to remove every nut, bolt, and screw in the engine compartment to get to something that wears out every 70,000 or so. 
Oh, the picture is of my BW T5 WC tranny, and yes it works just fine now.

     On the off chance that your team needs a back up driver, don't hesitate to let me know.  I prefer Formula One or CART, but I might consider driving for IRL or Formula Lights.